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Buy Vesparax online. Vesparax was considered a trade name of Secobarbital/brallobarbital/hydroxyzine. This combination tablet was used as a sedative, specifically for sleep induction. It was sold in the United States under the brand name Vesparax until it was withdrawn from the market in 1978. Vesparax was a combination sleeping aid made of secobarbital, brallobarbital, and hydroxyzine. This sedative was used for insomnia treatment. The three drugs included 50 mg brallobarbital, 150 mg secobarbital, and 50 mg hydroxyzine. Vesparax is no longer manufactured by Cipla Ltd. The Vesparax sedative drug was originally sold in the 1970s and was widely used for treating insomnia and anxiety. After a while and increased cases of addiction and abuse, it disappeared off the market. The brallobarbital and secobarbital combination reduced an individual’s inhibitions and led to feelings of euphoria while the hydroxyzine made the consumer sleepy. Vesparax was a proprietary brand of drug consisting of secobarbital (an ultrashort-acting barbiturate) and brallobarbital (a short-acting barbiturate) and hydroxyzine (an antihistamine). These drugs were combined in different proportions under the name Vesparax, Estor, Unipax and others. Buy Vesparax online.

Eliminate unwanted stress and fall asleep faster with Vesparax. This sedative is approved by the FDA for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Features include brallobarbital, hydroxyzine & secobarbital to promote a peaceful night’s sleep. Ships to the US and worldwide. Take an all new approach to relaxation with Vesparax, the only all-in-one sedative. This combination tablet is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, purse or on your nightstand, and provides you with the three most popular sedatives for short-term use. Protect yourself today. Buy Vesparax online.

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Vesparax is the non-prescription sleep aid recommended by doctors. It can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Vesparax is a natural solution that allows you to get a better night’s rest without all the side effects or risks associated with other sleep aids. You can buy vesparax online from our secure website. Buy Vesparax online.

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