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Buy Ibogaine HCL online. We have high quality iboga products (Ibogaine HCL, Iboga TA, Iboga capsules, and dried Iboga root barks) for sale. Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence that completely eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and addiction-breaker as it helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions completely. We ship discreetly world wide without any hitches.

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Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga) has a long history of use as a medicine and spiritual sacrament in central Africa. The legend goes that the forest people (pygmies) first discovered it through the observations of animals such as boar, porcupines and gorillas consuming the root. Iboga is used once a lifetime in a large dose in an initiatory ceremony by the Bwiti. The purpose of this initiation is for people to visit the spirit world and commune with the ancestors while seeking guidance for their lives. This explains why Iboga has been largely regarded as the most sacred plant in Central Africa. Buy Ibogaine HCL online from us and have it shipped directly to your home.

Using Iboga is a no pleasure trip. It lacks any kind of recreational attraction, and isn’t even intoxicating in the normal sense. Pleasure or thrill seekers look elsewhere. However, it is mostly and profoundly  cleansing and therapeutic when used with care and respect, as most common users have explained.

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